Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub (Pabst Brewery Cont.)

I feel like everything I've been doing lately has been related to beer. Beer making, brewery tours. I mean I'm not complaining. ;) After the Brewery Tour Josh, Bryan, and I scooted over to Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub. We needed to kill some time before meeting up with other friends and the Badger game. Josh had been here the night before and had wonderful service and delicious food. I mean, those jalapeƱo poppers. So. Good. 
We took a seat and the boys ordered up two 32oz PBRs. Since I was driving I ordered two 32oz-ers as well. Of water. Ha! Annnddd Jacko, the awesome server, actually brought them! Love her. Seriously hilarious. So witty. We ordered up some foods and sat and chatted for a while. Before we knew it the restaurant was getting ready for dinner service and the manager kindly asked us scoot over to the bar. We didn't mind at all since it was only a three foot scoot, but he insisted on getting us a little Jameson for our trouble. Amazing service, seriously amazing. 
And the place is just so cool. They made-over the brewhouse into the restaurant on one side and a hotel on the other. We ventured on over to have a bit of a looksy. The hotel would be, by far, the coolest hotel to stay in. Super fitting for Joshy's bachellors? Yes.

If you ever are at the Pabst Brewery Tour or on this side of town you should bop over to Jackson's for a drink or two or foods. When you go, ask for Jacko to be your server. Honestly, I would go back just for her. 

I've been having a beer theme as of late. What have you been on to lately?


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  1. PBR - winner ;) I just love your pixie cut, by the way. I'm in the middle of growing mine back out, but man. You're making me miss it like crazy!

    1. I know right! I love PBR. Thank you! You know, I've heard that a lot from people! Just cut it!

  2. That sounds like an awesome field trip! Am I crazy because I don't dig beer too much? I never have, but I totally love cheap wine. Haha.

    1. Haha! This quite literally made me laugh out loud! Cheap wine is still delicious. :)


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