Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pabst Brewery Tour

Last weekend Morgan and Chris (the adorable couple above -- I love them so much, seriously. I just can't) invited us to the Pabst Brewery Tour. We swung around to pick up Joshy and we were on our way! The first part of the tour is quite a long all presentation. Lot's of history. Very interesting, but really hard to pay attention -- especially when you might or might not have had a few drinks before hand. It was all giggles, chatting, and shenanigans. Afterward the tour takes you through the whole building where you can see the old offices and hide look inside the old safe. 
Afterwards we went to Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub (stay tuned for a post on Friday) and had delicious food. The rest of the day was kind of a whirlwind, but also one of those perfectly busy friend filled days!
It's weekends like this last one when I sit back and can't believe how awesome my friends are! Seriously I just love them. As Morgan and Chris would say--"We're just so good for eachother!" We all just have so much fun together and the boys are just the worst. Ok they're the best. But seriously the worst. I don't know I just can't explain it I guess. And not being able to take serious photos. I mean just look at Bs face. AND those boys are some serious photo hogs. Hams. (So many photos that I'm not putting DON'T want to see them. (No really you do, but can't. Surry!)(Secrets.))

It was just a fun day, that's all.

Don't you just love friend days like this? 

ALSO! Sarah from Fresh Frame Photography took some amazing photos of me last week. Honestly I'm without words about how beautiful they are! You can see them here.

Love yous all!

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