Friday, April 11, 2014


Sooooo I never went to my prom. Everyone was kinda all coupled up and I just didn't really feel like putting in the effort. I ended up working that night and made what I probably would have spent after paying for a dress, dinner, transportation, etc. And ya know what? I don't regret it! I have never really felt like I missed out on anything.
Tonight, however, I am going to The. Prom. Yup. Old school, big dresses, large hair, 80s Prom. Once a month the Milwaukee Art Museum puts on MAM After Dark. The theme tonight is Back to the Prom. I couldn't be more excited! We are doing all of the things. Wining and dining beforehand, corsages (ok not really corsages, but it will be a good time!) Expect a post or two next week.
I mean, I feel like this Prom will be better than what I could have had in high school. I'm out of my awkward stages (I think...) and there won't be any of that drawn out high school drama (probably.) It will just be I just have to figure out what to wear. Ideas??

Speaking of outfits. I told you that I was going through the T-shirt-over-dress thing recently! I love this dress! The full skirt makes me feel super feminine and just pretty. I've been feeling a little meh lately so this outfit is perfect! Make's me feel like a lady. ;) The only thing is the it's strapless and it's just a little too chilly for that right now. So T-shirt tie it is.

Wedges - Aldo last winter (similar) | Dress - Anthropologie oldy | T-Shirt - Banana Republic | Sunnies - Target | Lip Stain - Revlon in Smitten 

So tell me, did you go to your prom?? More importantly: what did you WEAR?!


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  1. Probably my favorite look you've posted! I love doing this/ do this all the time! Best way to mix dresses up. :) have so much fun tonight! I can't wait to see your prom look/ pictures!

    1. Thank you so much! I know! It's so versatile!


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