Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Prom | Mo's... A Place for Steaks

Prom! My first prom EVER! So if you read this post you know all about my prom deprivation. I never went. Wah Wah. I'm not really that bent out of shape about it, but when I heard that this month's MAM After Dark was Prom themed! LOOK out! 
We decided to take it really seriously. We wined and dined and everything. Sarah had acquired a gift card to Mo's...A Place for Steaks, so, why not? Normally I'm not a big fine dining person. See this and this. BUT I was excited to try it out. The staff definitely made it easy to love the experience. And I mean, it's steak.

Sarah, my lovely date and I arrived a bit early so we hunkered down in our seats and mowed down nibbled on some breads with BBQ butter (?!?) (it was delicious!)

Our friendly waiter, Jordan (??-sorry I can't remember) checked in on us and gave us some helpful tips on what to drink as we waited. Martinis. We had to. J brought over perfectly chilled glasses and away we went. 

Also, mirror selfies in the bathroom ^^^^

Rose and Chad arrived fashionably late. We had to get some posey group photos in there as it was their first time to the prom too! Complete with corsages and boutonnieres. 

When they settled in we took a gander at the menu we all couldn't help but get our hearts in a little flurry of excitement. For Chad, Sarah, and myself the choice was steak. Hands down. And Rose ordered the seared tuna. The sides are meant to be ordered family style so we decided on the white cheddar mashed potatoes and the pepper jack macaroni and cheese.
Both were insanely delicious. I could have eaten them all myself.
Just really.

I don't eat red meat much, but when I do I like it very pink in the middle. Medium rare is perfect for me. Mo's delivered! It had the perfect char and pepper on the outside and that middle!
Honestly it's getting a little difficult for me to write this post without getting hungry.

To top it all off the waiter brought us over a slice of cheese cake to share! On the house! So nice of them, really. We were stuffed, but we made you can see. 

The whole experience was really really nice. The food was delicious and the wait staff was very accommodating. Although I'm still a burger and beer kinda girl it changed my perspective of fine dining. AND it left us feeling all fancy-pants! The perfect way to kick off our prom night!
But, more about that on Friday. ;)

Now which do you prefer, fine or casual dining??


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  1. I love having a fancy dinner out every now and then to splurge and feel sooo classy. haha.


  2. Too much fun! I didn't get a prom, either. 15 years later, I don't appear to be any worse for the wear. ;) I go casual but I think fine dining would be fun to try occasionally!


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