Monday, October 14, 2013

Third Ward Tromp

On Saturday after going to dinner at Cafe LuLu, BVGN, and dancing, R and I were do for a late sleep in our comfy beds at the Garden Inn. ;)

Once we finally got up and ready we walked on over to the Third Ward. {I wasn't joking when I said that the hotel is in the perfect location. 

We walked and shopped. The Third Ward is an awesome area because there are tons of cute little shops, restaurants, and cafes.

 We went to the Milwaukee Public Market for coffees and bopped in Gouda's Italian Deli for a delicious cannolo and some lunch {tune in on Wednesday.}
{Also, did you know that cannolo is singular?? R is a smarty pants--She's also a language triple threat--Spanish, Italian, English--make's her sissy very jelly}

Afterward we walked back to the hotel to change for dinner and a movie at the Milwaukee Film Festival.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! And what a lovely looking market! Wish i was there!
    Great post Sweetness.

    Gracious Silhouettes

  2. not fair, this is the second post today with cannoli

    if that's not a sign that I need to get some, I don't know what is !!


  3. hello! :) popping over from the hej juni blog, what a cute site! in response to the question you left, YES I could totally do a custom address change card if you'd like!

  4. You always make me want to drop everything and book a plane to Milwaukee instantly :) It looks like such a great city!

  5. Hear, hear, I DO choose a positive thought: cannoli!! Looks yumyum. I have never been to the public market, but I saw it the last time I was in MKE and wanted to stop. Next time! :D Looks like such a gorgeous day to be traipsing around the Third Ward!

    Kate x

    1. Holy schmoly it was beautiful! Unlike the terrible weather we're having now...

  6. What a great weekend we had - thanks for making it so superb, sissy pants!


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