Friday, October 11, 2013

Cafe Lulu

After tromping around the Bay View Gallery Night R and I needed to find somewhere to eat. 
We both hadn't eaten since before noon and it was now 7:15.

We headed over to Cafe Lulu. I hadn't been there in some time, but I knew remembered food was DELICIOUS.
And with the adorable signs and front window seating how could you pass it up??

We put our names in to be seated the hostess told us 25 minutes. 

Fine with us! We squeezed into the bar, grabbed two beer sangrias {which is a whole other reason to go in itself} and told the hostess we would wait outside since the bar was bit packed.

About a half hour went by and one of those cutteee window seats opened up and we were sure we would get it...but it went to another two lucky ladies. 

More people kept entering and putting their names on the list.
 After about another 20-30 min we saw people who came in after get seated.

Starved and miffed we asked the two hosts if we would be seated soon--two pages back on a list of crossed off names was ours--highlighted in yellow--the hostess explained that they couldn't find us.


We had been standing in front of the door, in front of the stand, in plain view, and no one came outside saying our names.

Regardless, the hostess seated us right away. As soon as we sat down we ordered the Brie and Broccoli soup from our friendly and helpful server. 

We had to get something in our systems -- we had that low-blood-sugar-I-need-food-now anger on and it wasn't going away. We ate the soup up in seconds and let it sink in.

When our main dish came we were some of the happiest campers in the world.

R got the Steak Pita with pico de gallo and I chomped on the Santa Fe Cheddar Melt {sourdough, avocado, bacon, cheddar, onion, tomato} both with chips and oriental slaw.

The manly pita and delicious salty melt were perfect for soaking up our ahem drinks and attitudes. 
The food definitely changed our moods for the better. It was exactly what we needed.
Although we had to wait a while we had a delicious meal.
I hope then next time we go our experience will be much better because that food is what will be taking me back.

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