Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Black and Gold

I have never been good at carving pumpkins. You know, it was fun and all cutting those big orange babes open and pulling out the slimy insides. 
Barbaric and fulfilling.
But when it came to creating the ghouliest gourd or he most artistic design I sort of, well, failed. I always ended up with the typical triangle eyes and weird toothy smile.

That's why this year I decided to do something different. A couple of weeks ago I had a few girl friends over to feast, watch World War Z (those zombies are so fast!), and carve (or decorate) our pumpkins.

I like to it a glamkin.

All I used were two colors of spray paint. First I coated the pumpkins in one color and then used short whispy sprays to create the ombre effect.

Easy peasy and no weird shrively pumpkin aftermath.

Did you decorate or carve pumpkins this year?
Post your links--I would love to see them!


  1. i love this!! so easy & i love how different it is then everything else on pinterest & blogs! x

    dipped in yellow

  2. Oh thank you so much! That's so nice!

  3. So fabulous! I love how glossy they are! I'll take these over "scary" pumpkins any day :)

  4. This is a great idea!!! I'm doing this from now on!


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