Monday, July 22, 2013


Last week Thursday Renée, Ben, and I headed over to good 'ol MN to go to the Beyoncé (!!) concert. Ben was the birthday boy so he made a fort in the back and had why I like to call The Great Snooze. R and I had a good time chatting, singing, and (ahem..) painting our nails. (We have this problem with always messing up our nails when their wet...for some reason that doesn't happen while in the car) (Also, R painted hers while waiting for Ben to get out of the house.)

Sometimes, we (I) get a little stir crazy while driving. Many shenanigans are had, especially when one get's cold and their are no blankets. We also camped the night of the concert. Who does that. The Pappajeskelardos do.
(Pappajeskelado backstory: Our last name is Pappalardo. Ben's last name is Jeske. Renée didn't change her name to Jeske, but took it as a second middle name. We sometimes refer to them as the Pappajeskelardos.)

More to come about the concert on Wednesday!
Did you have a great weekend?


  1. sounds like a fun trip! i would love to see queen B live!! x

  2. Ha ha this post reminds me of me - taking pictures to pass the time in the car :)

    I've never seen Beyonce... but I do think I've had the chance to see a close second... Solange (Beyonce's younger sister.)

    1. I do it all the time!

      I bet she was amazing too! Same fierce Knowles attitude.

  3. road trip are. the. best!! especially ones where camping is involved! looks like a good time! :D

    kate x


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