Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Frank's Diner

So are you ready for this??
I have heard all of this hype about Frank's Diner from my sister, her husband, and all of his folks from Kenosha for the last ten years.
That is no joke.
And now, finally I was able to experience Frank's. 
As you can see we took it very seriously. There was no need to actually dress up, but this was a special day. Special clothing was to be used. Obvs.

Frank's is the oldest continually operating train car diner in the United States. 
Crazy, right? 
Love WI.

When you first walk in you'll need to slide open the old train car door and quickly scuffle into the line. 
Take this seriously. Frank's is known for their amazing food and the sassy attitudes--they'll push you along in line if you don't move. 
Don't like a little bit of a line? Then you'll never experience the greatness that is Frank's.

Look at that ceiling!
Also, be prepared, it's cash only.

You can sit in a booth.

Reserve some space in the back if you have more than a few people.

Or sit at the bar like we did. 
And you'll want to be prepared for where you want to sit. They'll ask you while you're in line. If you don't mind sitting at the bar take it. You'll be seated and scarfing a lot more quickly.
AND you get to watch the hustle and bustle behind the bar.

We ordered a mimosa to share.
I know, I know, you're all "L, you're sharing your drink?!" 
Well look at it. 
It's a fishbowl.

You can't see the fish, but they're in there.

Now this, my friends, should be the reason you go to Frank's.
It's their Garbage Plate.
The Garbage Plate? 
Yes. You heard me.

It's egg, browns, meat, onions, peppers, and cheese.
All together mixed together in this heaven sent pile of breakfast.
Mine has bacon and cheddar.

With a side of their homemade toast.
You have NEVER had toast if you haven't had this.
Believe me.

Oh! And you'll want to order a half because it's SO big this tough guy couldn't even finish his half.
If you're super nice I'm sure they'll make a quarter for you.

R ordered the Eggs Benedict special.


We also ordered the Cap'n Crunch French Toast which was a special that day. 

So delicious and caramelized and crunchy and I don't even know how they get it all like that. 
I hope, for your sake, it is on special when you go. 

Please, please, please if you ever are in Kenosha around breakfast time you will give it a go. 
Frank's is amazing. Good people. Great food.

508 58th Street
Kenosha, WI 53140

Weekdays - 6am-1:30pm
Saturday - 7am-1:30pm
Sunday - 7am-12:30pm


  1. THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Totally putting this on our must-go list for our next Wisconsin excursion. Steve's grandparents live in Burlington so we'll definitely be going eventually! How cool!


    1. OOOoooOOOhhhh! When you go you'll have to let me know!

  2. Can't wait for the next schister visit and more Frank's deliciousness to come!!

  3. OH LISA! You always go to the most amazing places. Ok i have to move, i've decided.
    What a brilliant place, and as usual you have made me so hungry and in turn sad as i have nothing to eat as nice as this yummy sight!
    You look absolutely stunning, really love the colour combinations of your outfit. So so beautiful.

    -Jade x

    1. Yes! Come!
      Thank you, you are just so sweet!

  4. YES! I've been waiting for this!! I want all of these dishes - It looks like a haven for breakfast lovers. Cool history too!


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