Friday, July 26, 2013

Leinenkugel Brewery Tour

The day that we road-tripped up to the Beyoncé Concert was Ben's birthday so whenever he wasn't sleeping in his luxuriously-cozy-backseat-birthday-boy-nap-cave we had him pick out things that he wanted to do from the side of the road. One of those tings was the Leinenkugel Brewery Tour.

It was the best roadtrip pit stop you could have. The tour is a steal. No really, I think we robbed them. The tour is free. You only need to pay $1 for the Leinenkugel glass for your 5 samples.
I know, right! AND you get to keep the glass! 

To get our names on the list we went into the Leinie Lodge and asked the sweet ladies at the desk to sign us up for the tour. They gave us our glass token for the glass and the wrist bands to keep track of the samples.
(Smart, huh? AND we became official taste testers.)

While we waited we had our first sample at the bar. Above the bar is the old copper drum that used to be in the brewery and around the shop you can see bits and pieces that were used when the brewery first opened.

We were taken around on the tour and they showed us the whole brewing process. The brewery is a mixture of new and old. One building was built within the last couple of decades, but the original one was from the late 1800s.

When we came back we toasted to the B-day boy with each sample left. B was very happy with our spontaneous stop.

Good thinking B.

If you're ever in the Chippewa Falls, WI area you should for sure stop at the Leinenkugel's Brewery. You will need about two hours for the sampling and tour, but it's worth it.

More Bey-hive road-trip stories to come next week.
I swear I could celebrate Queen B for Day-Z.
(Did you see what I did there??)


  1. I love a good ale, i used to drink them all the time when i used to work at an old retro pub. Nothing as cool as this place though. And oh my GOSH BEYONCÉ! So very jealous, what an awesome idea, would love to road trip it to Beyoncé with fun stops like this. Can't wait to see the other posts!

    -Jade xx

    1. MAN! I prob love brews more than I should, but oh well!

      It was SUCH a good time!

  2. that looks fuuuun! i've always wanted to go on a brewery tour. i've been to beer festivals, but never a brewery. what kind of wisconsinite am i!? can't go wrong with the free admission either! ;D

    kate x

  3. What great times - Thanks for being an official taste tester with me!! Also, don't forget the free postcard they give you. AND they're so kind, they mail it for you! Lovely people at the Leinie Lodge for sure!

  4. The Lenie's tour is the best! But I'm prolly biased since I've been on it so many times and live right near it.

  5. The Lenie's tour is the best! But I'm prolly biased since I live right near it and have been on it so many times


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