Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

Happy Monday all! Can you just smell Spring coming?? I sure can! Especially with all the showers we have been having this weekend. 
Well at least the showers mean we will have flowers and budding trees some time soon! Right?

Last night I met a couple of friends for dinner down at Screaming Tuna in the third ward. 
Remember them from this post? I apologize for the terrible pictures in the old post...I had just started blogging...and it was bad lighting. ;)

We went down at about 7 so the city had a nice little glow to it.

Pretty, huh? 

It was Becca's birthday on Wednesday so Rube brought her a little gifty...

Pretty red lipstick! 
Who doesn't love bold colored lippies??

Popcorn squid.

Teriyaki roll, garlic roll, tempura shrimp roll, and nigiri in the back.
It was my first time having nigiri so I don't remember the names, but it was delicious!

After dinner we skipped...or lugged (we ate lots of sushi) ourselves across the street to My Yo My! frozen yogurt.
If you go you have to have the toasted marshmallow...seriously...get it.

Team FroYo!

Photo by Ruby.

The whole night was just the perfect way to end a weekend of shopping and hiking by the lake. 
I'll have to take you to the park we hiked at soon! It's right on the lake bluffs and it is beautiful. Once the rain starts doin' it's magic and gettin' things buddin' we can have ourselves a little trip. ;)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Any stories for me??


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