Friday, April 5, 2013

A Dinner in the Life...

Last week in Florida we were eating some of the most delicious food and we were drinking quite a bit during the week. 


Honestly, I only felt hungry a few times last week...maybe I shouldn't have told you that...

Well, what is vacation for anyways??

After coming home I felt like I really needed to get back to my normal eating habits.

Enter: Cheat's poached egg and brussels.

I absolutely LOVE poached eggs, but they are just so darn hard to make! 
Have you ever seen Julie & Julia??

Well after searching my heart out I found this super easy way to make them thanks to Valentina.

Take some mugs and line them with plastic wrap...

drop in your egg...

and twist that bad boy up!
Then all you have to do is drop it in boiling water for a few minutes! To test it poke it a few times to see if the whites are fully cooked. If so, you have yourself a beautifully poached egg!

A perfect dinner for a I'm-Sick-Of-Being-a-Fatty-Bo-Batty-Let's-Eat-Some-Healthy-Foods kinda night. ;)



  1. Thank you!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a cool trick! I am obsessed with poached eggs, so we actually just got a poacher. I've used it literally every day since...they're just so good!

    1. Oh thank you!
      My goodness! I know! They are just so darn delicious!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. oh.. nice poached egg tip.. will have to try sometime!

  4. Thanks for sharing your tips for the poached eggs ;-))

  5. it all looks so delicious, i am now craving all of the above!! x

    1. Oh well thank you!
      Let me know how you like it when you succumb to your craving. ;)

  6. so beautiful and yummy !!! Thanx for following my blog :) x


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