Monday, April 22, 2013

Screaming Tuna Two Year Anniversary

I feel like I have been CRAZY for sushi lately. I absolutely love it. As you might be able to see from this post aaaannnddd this one.

Last week Screaming Tuna kindly invited me to their two year anniversary celebration.

Miss Jennifer joined in on the festivities.
You that that napkin was a fish didn't you?!
Fooled you!
As a part of the celebration Screaming Tuna launched new wines and cocktails.

I had a Snap Back: Rye Whiskey, Ginger Snap Liqueur, Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters, fresh orange, and torched orange peel.
It's stiff and has a very unique flavor.
Of course I loved it...

J had a Royal Punch: Crown Royal, Pama, lemon juice, orange juice syrup, and a splash of Sprite.
Be's very dangerous.

We ordered the night's special to share and and three different rolls.
J also ordered a Miso soup to start.

Course one of the night special: ahi tuna poke with twice fried plantains marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, kimchee, and garlic chili sauce.

Our supplement to the night's meal: garlic roll, spiderman roll, and veggie roll (can't remember the exact

The night's special: beef tenderloin wit horseradish cream sauce and a ginger sesame wonton crusted tuna steak served with panko breaded shishito-bacon Japanese potato croquettes and asparagus.
Dang! That's a mouthful...quite literally.

For desert Screaming Tuna served buttercream cake with wasabi.
Yes. You heard me!
It sounds terrible, but it was delicious.
Quite possibly the best cake I have ever eaten.

The cake!
Get it? It's a tuna!

I know tunas don't say that...maybe they should.
Bubble, bubble.

They ended up having 150 RSVP Reservations for the party. The place was packed with people that were buzzing with conversation as they sipped on new wines and ate delicious creations.

Thank you again Screaming Tuna for inviting me.


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