Friday, August 30, 2013

The Neighborhood -- BelAir Cantina

I love living in Wauwatosa. There are so many cute restaurants, cafes, parks, and shops. I think that a lot of people picture Wauwatosa like the semi-upidy Washington Highlands-esque area, but it's not like that at all. You just have to look for it--which I kinda like--the chase. You know.

I've been exploring my neighborhood a little more and over the next couple of weeks I'll be doing posts here and there on my new findings and adventures. Now, this won't be exclusively for Jacobus Park -- my burrow -- but the Wauwatosa area in general. ;)

The Neighborhood.

Earlier this week Meta and I headed over to North Avenue to check out the new BelAir Cantina.
Now if you are one of those silly Eastside roaming dollies -- raising hand -- then you know that the original is over on Humboldt in MKE. I'm a big fan of BelAir so I knew that I had to check out the new location.

They have amazing deals on Tuesdays and Thursdays -- select $2 tacos and spiffy drink specials.

We braved the busy crowds and took our chances on the wait time.

If you go and there is a long wait they will tell you that you can sit at the bar if a spot opens instead of waiting your allotted hour. It's every man for himself.

Well we rolled the dice and found two spots at the bar within 5 minutes of waiting.

We're champions.

And the best thing was my trusty sidekick ^^^ and I got to watch our super friendly bartender sling drinks and mix margs all night. 

$2 Dos Equis. NBD.

Although I had been to BelAir before, it is always a struggle to pick out my tacos choices.

The chap next to me picked one of my tacos out for me--clever guy. 
He also owns an old school hotdog joint in town.
Meta and I are going to check it out soon so keep those baby blues or browns open!

We placed our orders and sat munching on chips and salsas -- The orange one is the best. Hands down.

Also, can we talk about the curse of the Mexican restaurant chips for a second?
Those things are so delicious. The perfect crunch, the perfect saltiness. I can't even get over it, but by the time my food comes I'm already full. I always say that I'm not going to each chips while waiting but...

Then the food came -- honestly we only waited for the food for about 10 minutes -- quite fast.
Just another great thing to say about this place.

BelAir: 2000 points.

We both ended up getting 3 tacos.


Baja Tilapia.

Chiles, onions, black beans, and queso.
This is hands down my favorite taco.

After dousing it with lime...

it was on.

And it was good.

So I know I say this every time, but next time you're in the MKE/Tosa area and craving some killer tacos, go to BelAir. 
You won't regret it.

But before you go, hit a sista up.

Side-note: Only a few days left to put your name in for the Uganda Community Project Giveaway.


  1. I just ate a giant (unhealthy and unsatisfying) cookie for dinner, and I'm currently questions why I'm not eating Mexican deliciousness and drinking $2 beers. My goodness, does that all look tasty! Great pictures :).

    I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog--you should check it out!

  2. Love this. LOVE! The food looks delicious--I've never heard of this place, but your photos make we want to go there! A friend of mine lived in Wauwatosa for a little while, so I was down there occasionally, but never passed this place. I saw the bike sign and just to turn on the Queen song.

    Great post :D

    Kate x


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