Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

I'm back in MKE, all!. I miss Florida's warm weather and B already, but I came home to celebrate my favorite holiday: Easter.

I love Easter because it's the day that the Christ rose from the dead to show is power over death. NBD.
Oh yeah! And because of pastel colors, pretty flowers, and spring and springy clothes. ;)

Of course we started the day today with the sunrise service at church. It's my favorite service on Easter Sunday.

Isn't the altar beautiful with all the flowers??

After taking a few family photos...
We do Easter photos every year. 
We just have to.

we snacked on veggies and hummus and chatted around the table with some glasses of wine and rum and cokes.

Or coke in Anthony's case.

We had salad and my mom's winning lasagna.

It paired very well with the wine! 
Who am I kidding...I know nothing of wine and food sister just told me it would go well. She was right.

After dinner we sat around telling stories and jokes.
I told stories from my Florida trip and everyone swapped jokes.
Try saying "Brain, Spine, Pain Care" 5 times fast.
That really is a business up in Appleton. Imagine the secretary answering the phone...goodness!

After giggling, snorting, and wheezing for a while we earned a bit of dessert. 

My sissy picked up Italian Cookies from Peter Sciortino's Bakery on Brady.
If you have an itchin' for some good Italian Cookies, go there.
If you do go, make sure you get the Amarettis (almond merengue-like biscuits.) 

They went extremely well with my mom's tiramisu. YUM. 

Easter was so relaxed and it was nice having a smaller shindig instead of our normal family soirees. Oof!

What a great way to celebrate the Christ's resurrection. 


  1. lovely photos/blog :)
    happy late easter!!

  2. This made me really homesick... Happy belated Easter, and thank you for sharing the pictures!

    1. Happy Easter to you too!
      Hey, your parents will be coming to visit soon!


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