Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

Okay, okay, I know, it's not Thanksgiving. 
Nor are we near Thanksgiving, but I have a post-Thanksgiving treat for you.
Well, that is to say that it is possible for you to make this after Thanksgiving with your left over turkey.

My Popp made some turkey breast and he cooked it my favorite way: in a bath of apple juice. The turkey soaks it all up and gets all nice and moist.

Well as you can see here I have been pretty into sandwiches lately. So I decided that had to be the absolute best way to chow on the left over turkey breast.

First I got the turkey all nice and shredded and gave it a toss in a pan to get it warmed and a bit browned. 

Then I sliced up an apple nice and thin...

and thwapped those in the pan as well...

while eating the apple scraps of course. ;)

Then I took two pieces of bread, schmeared them with spicy mustard, and stuffed the sandwich with the apples and turkey.

I stuck that on a lightly sprayed pan until nice and toasty and BAM!

You've got yourself a delicious turkey-apple sandwich.
Perfect for after know...any time. ;)


  1. I was already planning on making a turkey this weekend - and now I know what to do with the leftovers - thank you sissy pants!

    1. Oh yum! Send me more...I ran out when I made this sammy. :)


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