Friday, March 8, 2013

Hairpin High Jinks

My hair has been getting a little long lately.
I know, I know, how can my hair be getting too long when it's so...short?
See?? So long around the ears.

Just take my word for it...I feel like a shaggy dog.
Good thing I have a haircut on Saturday. :)

The good thing about my hair being a little longer is that I can put cute pins, clips, and bands to dress it schmancy. 

Hairclip is from Dainty Daisies.
Michelle is the owner and she is just the cutest wife and mom and creates everything in her shop.
Unfortunately her shop in Appleton, Wisconsin is closing but you can still buy all of her little nifties on her site. :)
My sister kindly brought to my attention that I did not list any info about my hair-treasures. ;)
This bow is also from Dainty Daisies.
Sensing a pattern??

This band is made of velvet. I love it.
From Mode in Wauwatosa.
The poor quality of the photos, ay??
It's por culpa del iPhone.

Happy Friday!
See you Monday, folks!


  1. you are so cute :)

  2. Happy Friday to you as well! Love the hair pins! Is that headband "Dainty Daisy?"

    1. Thanks! Yes it is! I'll add it in the blog! Thanks Ne!


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