Tuesday, November 13, 2012

None the Worse for Wear: Shutters

I've always seen people doing cool things with window shutters. 


Guess who got her hands on some! This girl! My friend M's neighbors were giving away some shutters so I grabbed as many as I could carry.

I kinda winged this one and everything turned out pretty well except for one thing...I'll get to that a bit later.

This is before. 

First, you will want to take off all of the hinges.

I needed to call my brother because I couldn't figure out how to change the head on the power drill. 

Please see the Mozzarella Stick blog for nail info. :)

Got it. No big deal.

I though it was best to take off all of the hinges and then dust them...no bendy connecty shutters while you are trying to clean=no pinched fingers. I found that out the hard way.

I wanted that rustic look to my shutters so I took a candle to them. Scrape it all over. That means corners, edges, and flat space. 

Painting: this is where I had a bit of an oopsie. I knew I wanted a rustic look so I only schalacked it. That means you kinda just throw it on there. 

It did look rustic. 

The oopsie: The shutters do not open and close anymore. I think I went a little too loosie goosie while schalacking because the paint got in the cracks and it created a sad glue-effect. 

Oh well. They will still look cool for my future kitchen. :)

After I painted them I let them dry for a while.

Then I put the hinges, hooks, and knobs back on.

Botta-bing botta-boom: rustic shutters. 

None the worse for wear is right.

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