Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Burlap Christmas Wreath

Hellooo! Sorry, I've been a little preoccupied doing Christmas-y. I set up the tree (We have a very small house so our tree is only 4 feet-It is a happy tree nonetheless.)
Behold, one of my Christmas-y activities!!

This is my burlap Christmas wreath!

The bits and pieces.

Wire hangers-my wonderful parents own their own business (my dad is a cobbler and my mom is a tailor-Post about our "shop" coming soon.) We use lots of wire hangers at the shop so I grabbed a handful from there.

Ribbons-I rummaged in the crafty-cabinet and I found all of these.

Burlap bags-You may find burlap at a craft store (I'm not sure of the price) or if you are in the Milwaukee area you can go to the Humbolt Alterra (remember them from this post-the Humbolt location is their roast-house) and get them for free! What?! Yup! Free. Just walk up the counter and ask the barista taking orders, they'll even ask you how many. :)

First, I unravelled the hangers and I wrapped them around in a little wreath. (It looks more like a crown of thorns at this point. Wrong holiday.) I used a needle-nose pliers to separate the parts--you need to protect you little digits, you know.

I cut the burlap into little strips and weaved it through the wire, like so.

I wrapped ribbon around the guy and attached a bow...
and Voila!

Make one and show me, yes?

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