Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When JT invited us to cozy up | 20/20 Experience

Ok well not really...just let me explain!
Back in fall when R and I spent the weekend at the Hilton we found out that JT was coming to Chicago on his tour, but we completely missed the ticket sales! The tickets went so fast that they ended up scheduling another night in Chicago so we snatched up two tickets the morning they went on sale. 

The day finally came on Monday! Renée and I ventured down to Chicago in a snowstorm to see the Suit&Tie crooner. When we got to the United Center we had to climb all the way up to the top--I mean as much as we wanted to drop a couple hundred on ground floor know. We kept climbing for what seemed like forever and couldn't for the life of us find the door to get to our seats. When we finally got up to the 300 level we were on the complete opposite side of where we were supposed to be. And that's when it happened. A woman that worked for the United Center pulled us out into the hall. We were expecting to get in trouble for finding some round about way to our seats. Instead the woman gave us tickets to the 100 level in the 6th row! Apparently JT released more tickets last minute. We knew we loved him. A bit baffled we moseyed down to our new found seats and settled in. The concert started and obviously he knew how to entertain. Then the stage moved. I mean, the whole front of the stage started moving over the crowd and when it stopped, it was right above us. I mean it was, right there. Like 10 feet away.*
Then JT sang That Girl directly to Renée and I. 
I swear.**
Then R and I danced, sang, and giggled for the whole three hour performance.

And that's how JT invited us to cozy up next him.


* The picture looks farther away, pft iPhones, what do they know anyway?
**No really, though.

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  1. You're right - looking directly at us!! Thanks for an amazing experience, JT - and you too, sissy pants! Couldn't have enjoyed it with any other person!


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