Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cafe Corazón

Apologies for the late post and the blurry iPhone photos. It's been a little crazy around these parts lately. We've been doing mass numbers of enrollment at school -- needless to say my Spanish is getting quite the work out -- Spanglish keeps word vomiting out of my mouth! Sometimes my English sounds awful. Stuttering. I've been stuttering a lot.

Before the mass hysteria of February enrollment kicked in a few friends and I met up for brunch at Café Corazón. Obvi fitting of the Latin feel. We traveled down to Riverwest in the snow storm--almost getting into mass car pile-ups on the way. But there was no way that the snow or dangerous traffic was keeping me from a delicious brunch with friends.
I instantly fell in love with the joint. The bar full of crosses and statues of Mary. I felt like I was in traipsing around the cafes and bars down in Guatemala all over again. We tucked into the best breakfast burgers, burritos, and platters. And that french toast! Rumchata. french toast.
Nuff said.

I would say that Café Corazón is easily one of my favorite brunch spots in MKE now.

Café Corazón
3129 N Bremen Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

What's your favorite brunch spot in your area?


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  1. Lisa, So glad you found us at Corazon and so glad you love brunch like we do!. We have Tu y Yo Tuesdays from 8-10...Tu 4 1 drinks, free chips and salsa and $2 tacos. The bonus is a free Spanish class at 10:00 where you can work on that Spanglish. Hasta Luego and keep sharing your love of Milwaukee.

  2. Great post darling!
    Do you wanna follow each other?


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