Friday, May 17, 2013

Sprecher Brewing Co

Last Saturday was possibly the most hectic and fun day I've had in a long time. After the graduation service and breakfast at Pilora's I needed to drive 1.5 hours back to Milwaukee to change and drive downtown in time for the wedding ceremony. 

I got home, changed, met up with Emily and left for the ceremony--we had 15 minutes. We parked our car and the church bells started ringing as we ran up the street to the church. We walked in just before the music started playing for the processional! 

It was close! The service was beautiful was were the bride, groom, and wedding party. More pictures to come on Monday. ;)

After the ceremony we had a few hours to spare so a group of us decided to go on the Sprecher Brewery Tour.

Dress - Urban Outfitters (No longer in stock. Surry..)
Flats - Steve Madden

Sunglasses - Target

Classic Sprecher.

Bryan and Brittney..What a beautiful couple...

Andrew and Chrissy are more beautiful.
Just speakin' da troof.

When I was a kid I had no idea that Sprecher had beers.
I thought it was just an extensive line of awesome flavored sodas

And then you grow up in Milwaukee, one of the leading cities for brewing in the US, and it becomes a game changer.
I mean look at all their beers.

I love a beer tour just as much as anyone else, but Sprecher has to be one of the best ones. 
It's only about 10 minutes long and you get four samples.
And it's only $5. 
Five buckaroos!

Apparently it's not normal to eat hops and barley...

Beer on beer on beer.

OH! You also get this glass to take home.
Nail polish - ButterLondon Cuppa

After walking through the brewery we were led into the beer garden where we sat, chatted, and sampled our little hearts out.

We stayed until the brewery closed and then made our way over to the wedding reception. 

I will have more about the wedding on Monday. ;)

Do you have any plans this weekend?
It's my birthday today so I'm going out with a small group of friends to celebrate. :)


  1. YOU LOOK SO STUNNING! I really really love that dress. Glad you had a nice time, cant beat a wedding


  2. that dress is beautiful!!! i love that color!! x

    happy weekend!

    dipped in yellow

  3. asdlfkjweofijsnd!!! why is that dress outta' stock??? I want it!! blaaah!

    and you look BEAUTIFUL, btw.

  4. looks like a blast!
    we have quite a few breweries here in indianapolis, i love visiting them :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  5. Happy Birthday, sissie pants!!

    And I agree with the comments above - that dress is awesome! What a gem!
    You're so beautiful!!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Lisa! You look beautiful in purple x

  7. very very nice!!:)

  8. That looks really fun. I grew up in Minnesota and never heard of Sprecher. Is it only available in Wisconsin? I may have a look for it when I visit home this summer.

    1. You know, I have no idea! Haha. Maybe it's one of those things that you grow up with and you just think everyone else has.

      It's pretty similar to 1919 Rootbeer by Schells that's out of New Ulm, MN.


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