Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Daily Tromp

Every day my brother and I take our dog for a walk in the county grounds. I took my camera this time to do a little documenting. 
Time to browse.

This is Caesar. He's a German Shepherd-dog. You were probably able to tell by the large staff he is bearing.

Anthony and his knapsack. 

What a cutie.

Caesar is a savage.

These are Milwaukee's first ever insane asylum. Some people think it's haunted; some people say think it's an eye-sore. I think it's awesome. These buildings are also known as the Eschweiler Buildings.


Well, it's autumn. 

Just sniffing'.

What a pretty way to end the walk.


  1. I've always thought those buildings were so awesome! They're beautiful in a way and my mind is always full of questions when I see them. If only walls could talk...

    1. I know right! I have a few friends that have gone in before. They never delivered anything more than a few spooky stories.


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