Friday, October 24, 2014

Hmmmm Online Dating

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Online dating is a very interesting animal, people. 

When you're on Match or Tinder (Yup, doing both at once. (Yes, yes, I know don't jump to those Tinder conclusions, yo. You know I'm not like that.)) and it's great! You start to really hit it off and might even take it to the next level. You know, instead of messaging in the app you might begin texting or even talking on the phone. Which is exactly what I've been doing with P, the Handsome Landscaping Chap. Seriously, this guy is awesome and kinda blowing all of the other guys out of the water -- See update to this post
The only thing is it's weird because you can really hit it off and begin thinking about one guy all the time, but other gents will still message you and ask you on dates, and really you have no good reason to say "no" because you and the phone-talking-gentleman aren't a real couple. 
So you are talking to other gents and telling yourself that it's ok because nothing is official or serious just yet, although there's that potential and connection with phone-talking-gentleman which is significantly greater than the connection with the other gents. But whatevs, cause it's online dating, right? 
And then, and THEN you decide to go back on the app to look at an adorable photo of phone-talking-gentleman, you know, P, the Landscaping Chap, because he's just so darn cute, and although you've heard his voice so many times, you can't actually wait to match the voice with his person.

And then you see it: Active 14 minutes ago.

And your little heart sinks and your stomach drops because you've been texting and talking on the phone so you haven't talked to him on the app in a week...

But you've been talking to other guys on there too and really you haven't met in person yet, so you can't have any expectations, right?

Gah! All I'm saying is, it's an animal. A really fierce one. Online dating.

The good news is, guys, I am meeting P, the Landscaping Chap, tonight for dinner. And I'm kinda really excited. Because although I've been talking to other guys too, well, they just don't compare.
Team P, guys, Team P. will be very interesting once one of these gents actually sticks around and I finally tell them about this blog. 
Errrr yes, I have a blog. Errrrr nope, yep, everyone has known about you since the beginning. Surprise!


P.S. Film Fest Fella and I went out for coffee on Tuesday night. It was the most awkward. Lots of me talking. I would pause every once in a while to let him say something or ask a question aannnddd he never picked up on it. Very nice gent, just very very awkward. 

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