Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tenutas | Bayview, Wisconsin

Well Hiy!! I feel like it has been a while since I've (?) to all of you! Things are still really crazy around these parts. With moving and weddings and trips and all around great summer activities, I just haven't found all that much time to catch  you up or to share good 'ol MKE posts. Slowly, but surely I will get back to regular blogging, it may be sporadic and at weird hours, but I will, I will!

In the mean time, I found some photos from a little date with Morgan from a really long time ago. I mean, before Cuba, long ago. So, I know this little date and photos aren't much, but I cherish these times I have with M. She has become such a close friend and rock to me and sadly (but also excitedly(!!!)) she will be leaving soon to move back to California to start work with her dream job. Girls gonna be working with horses, which is awesome! She is just so so excited so cheers to her!

Anyways, I thought I would share this place because 1) great company and b) seriously guys, this food is amazing. I probably sound like I'm preaching old news about Tenuta's, but this was the first time I had been and I was blown away! If you don't already know then I. Am. Your. Savior.
You can thank me later. :)

First off the little restaurant is very quaint and intimate. It's the perfect place for a first or fifteenth date. There are small tables lined up with crisp white linens and even some tables outside for those comfortable summer days. The wait staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Our waiter helped pick out a wine for us (yes, lambrusco, yes it's bubbly and delicious and just a little bit sweet and I have no qualms.)
So when Morgan and I get together we don't stop talking. Like, ever. We just sipped our wine and devoured nibbled on the bread and chatted away. It took us forever to decide what we wanted to eat. But once we did...
That pizza! The photos don't do it justice, believe me. We ordered a large virgin meat lover's pizza. We both only ate a few slices because it was just so darn filling! Honestly, one of my favorite pizza's in the city.

So pretty much you should just go. Now.

Have you found any new haunts lately? Tell me ev-ry-thing.


2995 S. Clement Ave
Bayview, Wisconsin
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