Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bartholomew Boyd | Wisconsin Humane Society

I wish I could hear all of the "dahwww"s that ensued from seeing this gorgeous pup. 

My family is a complete dog family. We don't normally get puppies--every couple of years we end up acquiring a poor lonely pooch who needs a home and we always give in. We tried for cats for a little bit (mmm this might or might not have been my fault when I was a little curly-haired five-year-old and wanted one for my birthday---only to find out ten years later I had an allergy...whoops) and that was a complete fail...a 17 year fail. Double whoops.
So anyways dogs. Dogs.
Renée and Ben brought their little bundle of joy into town a couple weekends ago and I had to get photos of him. They have only had Bartholomew Boyd for about two weeks and he has grown a ton. His huge roll-y-poll-y belly is gone and his torso is getting long. Good thing I captured him when I did! 
They had been trying every weekend for a month+ to get a puppy. Ben would travel sometimes over an hour every time they would see a new picture posted at the Wisconsin Humane Society. He would arrive to find the pup in the arms of a picturesque family. Arrrgh. Until Bart came along and it was a match made in heaven. Yay!
The vet thinks that Bart is a mix of Coon Hound, German Shepherd, and Rhodesian Ridgeback. Ummm did you know that Rhodeisian Ridgebacks were bred to hunt lions in packs in Africa. Which makes sense because he will stalk to pounce on Caesar. STALK! This dog is seriously going to be B.A. And he's so smart (Hound, Shepherd), sniff-y (Hound), and snuggly (Hound, again.)
They for sure found a keeper.

If you're looking to get a puppy or any pet for that matter look into The Humane Society. R and B had such a great experience working with the Wisconsin Humane SocietyThey really want you (the adopter) to be a good pet owner. They are really really kind and don't pass judgement. AND it's a great deal = $309 for a puppy that has all it's shots except for rabies (they get that at 6 months), a microchip, and he's already fixed.
Pretty awesome I'd say!

So tell me, are you a dog or a cat person?

This was not a sponsored post. We just really really love the Humane Society, ya dig.

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  1. So cute! We weren't able to get a dog from the human society unfortunately (Jordan has pretty bad allergies so we had to be sure it was a pure bread poodle) but I love seeing those animals finding a home!

    1. Oh girl, that is totally understandable! Aaannnndd your pup is seriously just so cute!


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