Monday, December 9, 2013

Repeal the Prohibition

On Saturday night Renée, Ben, and I went to the Repeal the Prohibition Party at The Iron Horse Hotel. I'm so excited that this is the first MKE event post since the rebranding because it was really just such a fun night. None of us had 20s-style clothing so we dug up any pieces that had black and white and pleats and shimmied down to the hotel to find the bar buzzing with fellow party goers in all-out costumes. The low lighting and style of the bar gave a real speak-easy feel. 
Batch19 sponsored the party and they kindly started the party by serving up 5¢ taps. We got there a bit late so we hunkered down with some beers and ordered some food. We got the cheese curds and the garlic and parsley fries. Both of our choices were brilliant. The fries were super crunch on the outside and almost like mashed potatoes on the inside. The cheese curds were quite possibly the best cheese curds we have ever eaten. {We would know, we've tried a lot. I mean, we live in Wisconsin and we go to state fair.} They were pillowy soft on the inside, not chewy, pillowy. Oooof. Later in the Iron Horse served up $5 growlers of Batch19...we ordered two and ended up giving one a way at the end of the night. We ate, drank, and chatted for a couple hours. I hadn't laughed so much in so long! 
The night was great! Not only did we have great company, but the service was amazing with cloth napkins and continuously serving water {in a bar. A Bar!} and our server was just the cutest in her Prohibition-era clothing. 
Can't wait for next year's Repeal Party!

What did you get up to this weekend?

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  1. Ahh! Fun idea for a party, and what an amazing venue!? Looks like a great time all around :D


  2. Thank for the invite, sis! We had a great time!

  3. Looks like a fun night!


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