Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Feeding Goats Ice Cream Sandwiches

After the Madison Farmer's Market on Saturday Brian and I clomped on over to the Henry Vilas Zoo (not gonna lie...I don't know who that is.) 

We decided to go to the zoo for three reasons:
1. Animals, duh.
2. it's free.
3. B lives two blocks away and can hear a jungly, savagely animal from his bedroom window. We needed to investigate.
We found out it was, in fact, Henry the Lion.

B makes a good orangutan, yes?

Accidentally took this photo with my camera on my back.
Looks pretty cool, right?

B gettin' a feel for the camera.

This zoo has a garden that labels all of the plants with the type of plant/produce it is and which animal eats it.
I'm not entirely sure if the keepers actually use the plants from this garden, but it is cool none-the-less.

I gotta get outta herrrrre...

Only the best of friends will pick bugs out of another's feathers.

Nail Color-ButterLondon Cuppa

After the zoo we ended up going home and taking a three hour revival nap to prepare us for te Madison bars.
Unfortunately I didn't take my camera to State Street with. Maybe next time.

On Sunday we got up and roamed around the city for a little while again. I swear I could do that every day. 
Madison is my new favorite city. B can be my tour guide anytime.

Don't you agree, duck?



  1. one of my favorite ways to spend a day. especially those goats!!!

  2. the icecream sandwich looks yummmmyyyyy to me!!seems like you had a great time there!!!

  3. My favorite part about the zoo when I was younger was feeding the giraffes!

    1. They just added that to our zoo here in Milwaukee! It's so cool. Their tongues are purple!!

  4. The ice cream sandwich looks yummy! Such a fun post :) :*

  5. Wow, such a great post, lovely pics!



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