Wednesday, January 16, 2013

21st Birthday Sushi

On Sunday my family and I went out for a pre-21st Birthday celebration for my cousin. Jennifer's real birthday was Monday so we rented a private room at Screaming Tuna for her favorite: sushi.

Jennifer started her 21st the proper way with a Sake-shot. 
You balance the shot of Sake on chop sticks over a shot of beer. You pound on the table until the sake drops in the beer. It will begin to fizz rather violently so you need to take the shot as quickly as possible.

The group.

The Parents.

The beer. Japanese beer. It was delicious.

 The food.
The second most important part of the night.
Besides the Birthday girl and the booze, of course.

After gorging ourselves with sushi, edamame, wontons, and carrot cake we went out to Water street to finish the job. 

We started at Rosie's. If you are ever going out for someone's 21st birthday in Milwaukee take that newbie to Rosie's. The Birthday Girl or Boy will get a free glass beer mug that they will fill three times for free.

I ended up leaving after Rosie's, but I was told that the rest of the night was...Let's just say she had a successful 21st Birthday. ;)

Happy Birthday, Jennifer! 
Here's to you.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jennifer! Wish I could have been there! Beautiful skirt, btw!


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