Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wedding Fever

Last weekend I headed back down to Florida for my best friend's wedding!
The weekend was short, but sweet. Bethany and Michael are so so perfect for each other. This was also the first time I met Michael (last time I went was over Thanksgiving and the schedules just didn't work) (also, Happy Birthday!!) and I felt like I had known him forever.
Just seeing them together over this weekend I know that they will have a very full and blessed life together. The Lord sure knew what he was doing when he made this pairing.
Aaaannndd cried multiple times this weekend--so that's a sign! ;)

In other news: Guys, I'm going through another big move...ummm THIS will be my new view. Nbd. Any-who, I'll be pretty busy over the next few weeks. Every time I'm really busy and stressed, I find that I begin to lack inspiration in my blogging and I end up just forcin' it too much. So the blog might be a little quiet at times. Once things have calmed down and I'm feeling the blogsperation I'll be right back at it here, ya dig?

How was your weekend? Any awesome news? Tell.


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  1. oh i love weddings! Looks like a magical day for you all :)


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