Monday, January 27, 2014

Avocado Egg Salad

This weekend a couple of my girlfriends and I met up at Colectivo {we are starting an accountability group to keep ourselves focused on goals - I'll update you all on this in a future post - I'm not quite ready to share yet. ;) } Anyways, while we were gabbing away and not actually talking about our goals, go figure, it's what we do, my friend Morgan and I were talking about how terrible we are at making actual meals for ourselves. Now, she thought this was just the most ridiculous thing because she always sees all of the foods I post on here and on my Instagram but the thing is I really only cook real meals when I'm blogging. I think that's because everyone wants to put their best virtual foot forward. {That's a bit of a loaded gun and I'm planning to write a post about that soon.} 
No. But Really. I am the queen of making eggs every. single. night. And I could be happy doing that my entire life. To make my easy egg dinners a little schnazzy I've been eating tons of avocado egg salad. 
It's honestly a bit of a drug for me. It's super delicious, comforting, filling, and I don't feel guilty for being super content!

You'll need:
-1/2 California Avocado {those are the black ones right??}
-2 hard-boiled eggs
-two small slices toasted bread {I used rye here because that's what I had at home}
-spoon full sweet corn {optional}
-spoon full black beans {optional}
-salt and pepper

1. Slice up your avocado and hardboiled eggs into a bowl
2. Mash it all up with a fork.
3. Salt and pepper to taste.
4. Toss in your corn and black beans and fold in with a spoon.
5. Spoon the egg salad onto your toast and top with a squiggle of sriracha for an extra kick.
6. Serve with side of choice. {Although the egg salad and toast usually fill me up quite a bit}

Super easy, super delicious and avocado is a super food right? (???)

What are your go to dinners?



  1. Okay, this looks delicious. I'm not much of a cook myself (I'd like to change that) but eggs I can do, and this recipe is making my mouth water haha!

  2. Can we start an egg fan club? I'm more of a breakfast egg kinda girl, but how I love starting the morning off with an egg or two. I do believe it's one of life's most versatile foods. Case in point, I've never though to mix egg salad with beans and corn! Genius!

  3. Your new site and these photos are beautiful!! And this recipe looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  4. Ah, I think I lost you in the move! I am so glad I found you again. Your blog looks wonderful. I've missed you! Sorry we have been bad bloggers!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

    1. Girl I missed you too and I'm glad you found me again! I'm so excited you two are coming on back! Honestly, sometimes it's nice to take time off like that so don't even apologize!


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