Friday, December 13, 2013

Swirled Fur Cowl Scarf

Do you remember when R and I went to the Anthropologie Holiday Fashion Show?? There were so many styles that I loved, but let's just face pocket book did not approve. And then I saw this scarf and fell bit dithery in love with it. Immediately after the show I scoured the store until I got my hands on that soft and beautiful material. 
needed it. 
The pocket book said no, so off we went empty-handed. I thought about that lovely circular cowl for weeks until JoAnn's had a major fabric sale and it hit me...

All you'll need is 1 sq yd of fabric {really any type of fabric you fancy}. Don't be intimidated, it's really very easy.

Swirled Fur Cowl Scarf 
1. Fold the fabric in half so the unfinished side is facing out {see photo above}
2. Sew up the longest end leaving a 6 in gap so that you may turn it right side our when needed.
3. Sew the circle ends together - this part can get tricky, but take your time. {see photo above}
4. After the ends are sewn, turn the scarf right side out using the hole you left open.
5. Stitch up the hole. If you're using lighter material it will look better stitching by hand. If you are using a material like this "fur" you can easily top stitch without seeing the seam afterward.

Once you stitch up the hole, you're done!
Now I  have a beautiful infinity scarf all for $5. I love the finished product and I've been wearing it constantly!

What kind of fabric would you use for your scarf?

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  1. This is a great idea. Easy, soft, beautiful. It's a nice tutorial. I pinned it for later. I just posted on a faux fur purse with the same kind of fur, but in pink. It's a present for a little girl, but maybe this will help me know what to do with the leftover fabric. Here's the post, if you want to check it out:


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