Monday, June 24, 2013

F is Friends

 This weekend was another busy one for me. I went to the wedding of two wonderful college friends Josh and Nicole (congratulations again!!)

It was such a fun wedding one--it was Nicole and Josh's obvs and two--it was a huge reunion for friends from college.
Sorry, no photos from the wedding--I was too busy running around and catching up with friends.

Many of my college friends are now serving the Lord all over the country as called workers whether it's teaching, preaching, or guiding. They are spread all over the country whether it's Florida, Houston, Georgia, Washington, and in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area (You'd thing that it would be easy to visit people in the WI/MN area...It's a lot harder to get together then you would think.) I even have a few close friends that are bopping around in China and parts of Europe.

It's always a bitter-sweet feeling after an amazing weekend like that. It's great to see all of your friends, but then at the end of it all you need to go home. Now you're probably like seriously, L, what the diggens are you getting at??

It's just that this weekend got me feeling a little sentimental. So sentimental that I went through photos...typical me. ;)
Many people not pictured--I just have too many photos--you know who you are-ya still loved :)

What I'm trying to say is that I might not get to see all of these people all the time--I might not keep in touch with all of them like I should--I might not be able to keep in contact with all of them like I should, but we will always have an amazing bond that keeps us connected all of the time. 

We are all Christians, we all have the same faith. 

It makes not seeing them all of the time a little bit better, you know, knowing that we are all together in Christ.

There's no better way to be connected.


  1. Oh my goodness your weekend looks and sounds like SUCH a blast. Wedding season is the PERFECT way to reunite with old friends. How could a bunch of food and dancing and a celebration of love not be?


  2. What a fun weekend you had. Nice to see your good friend getting married plus a great reunion. I totally agree with you, I don't always see my good friends or keep in touch often, but the bond we have is undeniable. :)

  3. Your weekend must have been so beautiful !!! Reunion , friends , food , dance .....what can anyone ask more for ??? I wish you many events like this <3 Julia

    1. I would be down for a wedding a weekend. haha!


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