Friday, December 28, 2012

Tracey Reese at Target..?

I absolutely love Target.

Recently Target has been promoting Neiman Marcus and different designers have added little bits and pieces.

There is everything from Marc Jacobs scarves to Oscar de la Renta tote bags to Jason Wu little girl dresses.

I opted for the Tracy Reese sequined shirt.

I couldn't stop looking at it.

View from above...Just in case you were wondering.

It is just so gorgeous. As much as I love target it is something that I would never imagine finding there.

Check out the Neiman Marcus Cllection at Target.

Everything is 50% off right now. Whaaat??!?

Sidenote: Photo credit - Anthony Deon Pappalardo


  1. OMG... good thing we don't live close anymore. We're probably going to own a lot of the same stuff. ;)


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