Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome to the Fox Hole.

I'm finally done!

After unpacking all last week and hanging photos I settled on a name for the little apartment. 

Welcome to my humble abode, also known as The Fox Hole.
Feelin' a ten cent tour?

The "foyer" and pit-stop nook.

Dining Room.


sewing room... 

and cartography station.

Living room.

Huge thanks to Anthony for setting up my awesome ladder. :))


Complete with Alterra now Colectivo posters...

And burlap coffee bags.

love Anthro towels. 
It even has the recipe. ;)

This is why I have a ladder in the kitchen.

Renée's house warming card for me. :)

And outside my kitchen window...

behind the cool handles...

is my itty porch and backyard. :)

The bedroom.
Anything look familiar?

Photo à la Marlin from Messages on a Napkin.
From her trip to India.
Thanks again, girl!

My favorite room--the closet!

Just beautiful.

Don't you just love the place? I'm glad I got all of my little projects done. I can finally rest and blog...not gonna lie...for a while there I was doing wayyyy pre-planned scheduled posts. 

You got me!

Also, here is a little tour on Vine.

That'll be 10 cents.


  1. You apartment looks awesome! I love how the dressers look in the bed room and the ladder on the wall is a great idea :) Oh and that nice green backyard? Awesome!

    Looks like you are totally settled into your new home :)

    1. Oh thank you!! I'm just loving it now that I'm settled!

      Yes, isn't the backyard crazy??

      I just love it!

  2. i love your place!!! & i'm so jealous you are all moved in!! it's looks awesome! x

  3. Congrats on the new place!! Everything looks so nice! Those picture clusters are awesome. And I love the ladder idea! Oh, and I love that Anthro towel!

    Yay Fox Hole!


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